Convince Your Boss about the Value of Participation in WATREX EXPO

We are in the age of cut budgets and reduced travel. But there are important advantages to participate in an out-of-town event or tradeshow. So if you need help convincing your boss that you should participate in WATREX EXPO, here are some tips and facts to help you make your case to be a part of largest event in Middle East, Africa & Mena Region serving the water treatment and Wastewater technologies. If you need help, review the facts below, or provide this letter to your Boss.

Only at WATREX EXPO 2024 will you:
See an exhibit hall which will packing with the leading suppliers showcasing the latest equipment and technology in the wastewater and water treatment industry that will help you do your job more efficiently and save your company/department time and money.
Touch the most innovative products in the wastewater and water treatment industry, Machinery, technology, equipmentand Tools.
Visit the Technology Pavilion and Trucks Components and Supplies Pavilion.
Attend WATREX EXPO’s comprehensive conference sessions and workshops and learn about all aspects of the waste and recycling industry.
Network and connect with colleagues from around the world.
Attend co-locating conferences providing industry-specific information: the Wastewatertreatment technology Conference, Desalination issues and the Green buildings Conference & Expo.
And so much more!

Research shows that face-to-face meetings are an important part of our culture.

95% see face-to-face meetings as the key to success for long-term relationships.
89% considered meetings essential for “sealing the deal.”
82% say meetings are most effective for negotiating important contracts.
Source: Harvard Business Review.
85% of respondents said face-to-face meetings build strong business relationships.
77% cited the ability to read body language and facial expressions as important to business relationships.
75% valued the social interaction and ability to bond with clients and colleagues at in-person meetings.
Source: Forbes Insights
Executives and business travelers estimate that 28% of current business would be lost without in-person meetings.
Nearly 40% of prospective customers become new customers with an in-person meeting, (versus 16% without such a meeting).
Businesses experience an average $12.50 in increased revenue and $3.80 in new profits for every dollar invested in business travel.
Executives cited conference and trade show participation returns ranging from $4.00 to $5.99 per dollar invested.
Source: Oxford Economics Business Travel Study; Oxford Economics, 2009.

Tradeshows such as:-

WATREX EXPO provide the unmatched opportunity for you see and touch competitive products from hundreds of vendors at once and the only place for you meet with direct representatives as well as get instant feedback from your peers. In addition, a year’s worth of education and training is packed into just 3 days. So, when you consider how much you can get done in a few days.
Participating in WATREX EXPO is an extremely cost-effective option to enable you to save your company/agency money or help them make more money.


Download A Letter With All These Facts To Help You Convince Your Supervisor About The Value Of participating in WATREX EXPO 2021. Tailor the letter with your own details to make it most effective.


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