1- 1- What are the exhibition working hours? (FAQ) THE Exhibition will open From 28 to 30 of April 2024 From: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.
every day, except the opening day 15th of May it will be open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

2- How much does it cost to attend the trade shows at Cairo? Watrex- Expo admission is for free, advised to make the online Registration early to avoid waiting for a long time in the reception queue.
Please Click here for Registration
3- Is there a way to check if my registration has been confirmed on the expo website or not? Yes.
You will have a confirmation massage containing your registration code
4- How can I get my badge if I registered through mail or online? Badges will not be mailed prior to the show.
It is only few minutes to get your badge.
Bring proof of your registration; come to the show with you (Copy of the Registration mail) to receive your badge. So please bring your printed confirmation to any express Registration desk and get your badge printed instantly.

5- What about the Hotels and accommodation facilities? There are a lot of hotels in Cairo near to the exhibition place offers a wide range of accommodation facilities.
For more information & Support Accommodation page call us on :(+202) 27519787 or Tel: (+202) 27670001 or (+202) 27519780
6- How can I get the exhibitors list of the show? We suggest you book mark our show through website address and return to it often during the weeks leading up to the show dates.
The web site information is constantly updated with the new participant companies.

7- How can I reach Cairo? Cairo is The Capital of Egypt and you can find a Map at the web site menu Date & Venue.
There are a lot of great Hotels beside the Exhibition area which is also near to the International Cairo Air Port.

8- Which is the closest airport to the exhibition venue? The closest airport to the exhibition venue is the international Cairo airport date & venue.

9- What is the cancellation date for the conferences? 2 weeks before the exhibition date.

10- How do I cancel conference registrants and replace them with someone else? Prior to the show opening you must call (+202) 27519787 or Tel: (+202) 27670001 or (+202) 27519780, the replacement person may come to the Pre-Registered desk in the Registration area at the show and have a badge produced. He is allowed to attend another afternoon, provided his data and register when registering.

11- Is there a charge for a replacement badge? No, A replacement badge can be printed at the Pre-Registered desk in the Registration area with proper identification free of charge.

12- Can I bring my child to the expo? For safety, insurance and security reasons, no one under the age of 18 is permitted in the expo halls or conference meeting rooms at our show.
Please contact us at (+202) 27519787 or Tel: (+202) 27670001 or (+202) 27519780 If you are handicapped and require special assistance in order to attend our event.

13- What about the online exhibitor registration? You may locate your details and fill the Exhibitor inquiry form then we will reconnect with you.
If you are unable to complete your details or make the registration online, please email us on This email address(info@atf-egy.com.eg) is being protected from Spam Shots.
You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (+202) 27519787 or Tel: (+202) 27670001 or (+202) 27519780 bookstand
14- How long does it take to receive a Confirmation for my Registration in Watrex -Expo? After registering online, an email confirmation should be received within 72 hours.

15- What if I do not pre-register for the expo? You may register for Expo Hall Admission for free onsite. Online registration is available throughout show days.

16- How far in advance do I have to register to guarantee that I receive my badge in advance? Badges will not be mailed prior to the show.
So, you have to bring proof of your registration to the show with you to receive your badge.

17- How do I get on the mailing list for next year's expo? If you attended this year's show, you will be on our mailing list and you will receive materials regarding next year's show when they become available.
If you would like to be added to the mailing list for our other shows, please visit our web site at www.atf-egy.com.eg and click on the subscribe then complete the inquiry form and tell us which event you are interested in. We will add your name to that show's mailing list.
18- Can you recommend a hotel and/or good restaurant? Please if you want help , please click here For information and room rates for the show hotels.
Also, you may find it helpful to contact the exhibition travel sponsor for local restaurant and ratings information.

19- Will free food and beverages be available at the show? Free food and beverages will not be available at the show.
You may purchase refreshments and luncheon items at the facility concession stands. (Coffee breaks are included in conference registrations only.)
20- Where can I get a detailed list of the show attendees? If you are interested in exhibiting and would like to know more about our attending audience, please contact the show sales rep.
Contact info can be found on the Interested in Exhibiting page of each show.
If you are a current exhibitor and would like to participate in a pre-show mailing opportunity, please look for the Mailing List Rental or Send an Email links on the show promotions pages.

21- If I will attend the show this year do I need to register again for next year’s show? Yes. We start a new database for every show, every year.
You must re-register for every show you plan to attend. We do not "carry over" registrations from show to show or year to year.


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